Disclaimer: We strive to present the most current Township information on these pages. However, you must be aware that the information contained on this website may not be completely accurate or up to date. Please be sure to check with the Township before proceeding with any business or activity that might require Township involvement.

Burning Ordinance: (amended 9/11/2000) burning is permitted between the hours of 7AM to 10AM Fridays and Saturdays only. Paper permit is required for all other times. No burning is permitted on Sunday or Holidays. Burning of debris must be approved by calling the Police Department. Please be considerate of your neighbors by being aware of what you are burning and the wind direction. Ozone Alerts apply to Smith Township residents - burning is not permitted during alerts.


Animal Control Ordinance: Unlawful to Allow Dogs to Run at Large, Unlawful to not have licensed, Nuisance of barking dogs, and Any police officer or dog warden may seize any dog found at large in the Township. Ordinance kept at the township for viewing.


Water: tap-in not required. May use well or public water. Water supplier is Pennsylvania-American Water company.


Sewerage: by ordinance, all structures within 150 feet of a sewerage lateral must tap in - contact Burgettstown/Smith Township Sewerage. Those not within required tap zone will require an approved on-lot sewerage disposal system - contact Washington County Sewerage Council.


Building Permits: required for all commercial and residential structures. Plumbing and electrical inspections required. Contact building inspector. Must present proof of sewerage tap fee payment as one of several conditions for a building permit.


Emergency: 911. Ordinance states that all homes and business must have their address number posted on or near the front of the structure using at least 3 inch high letters.

Local Services & Utilities


Ambulance and Chair: (724) 947-2244

Cornerstone Care Medical:(724) 947-2255 Dental: (724) 947-2251

46th District Representative: Joshua D. Kail (724) 587-3095, 1569 Smith TWP Road, Suite 5, Atlasburg, PA 15004.

Schools: Burgettstown Area School District (724) 947-8100 consists of Smith Township, Jefferson Township, Hanover Township and Burgettstown Borough. The High School and Grade School are located on Bavington Road in Smith Township. There are several other private schools in the area, as well as home-school and charter school options. Bus Garage: (724) 947-8148

Burgettstown Community Library: (724) 947-9780, Website

Burgettstown Area Senior Citizens Center: (724) 947-9524, Kristin Frazier, Coordinator

PA Department of Transportation: (724) 223-4480

Refuse Removal: There is no ordinance requiring all residents to have a refuse disposal pickup contract, every property owner is required to keep the property in good order.

- Waste Management - (800) 866-4460

- N.C. Sanitation - (800) 743-5215

- R & K Disposal - (724) 947-2428

- BFI (Commercial) - (877) 387-9542

Pennsylvania-American Water Company: (800) 474-7292



Natural Gas:

Electric: Electricity supply and distribution is deregulated in Pennsylvania. Your electricity supplier may be anyone you choose. Some companies that deliver electricity to property in Smith Township are:

CALL BEFORE YOU DIG OR DRILL: you must check for the existence of underground utility lines and cables. (800) 242-1776 or 811

Telephone: telephone service is deregulated and you may choose from a number of local and long distances providers.

Cellular Service: all major cellular carriers offer some coverage in the Smith Township area.


  • Blue Devil Cable (800) 931-9392
  • Aurora from Hickory Telephone Company (888) 721-3569
  • DirecTV (855) 463-7359
  • Dish (866) 439-1457

Internet Service:

  • Blue Devil Cable (800) 931-9392
  • Aurora from Hickory Telephone Company (888) 721-3569
  • Verizon (877) 773-8399
  • Windstream (855) 575-7625
  • Exede Satellite Internet (855) 627-2553
  • HughesNet (877) 510-1581


Public Notices



Trash Clean Up

Township Maintenance Garage, 1847 Smith Twp. St. Rd. Slovan
May 19th, 20th & 21st
Click here for details


Smith Township Spring Clean Up - Mark Your Calender

May 19, 20, 21 (Fri., Sat., Sun.)
6:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.
Dumpsters at Township Garage are monitored
No tires or electronics (TVs)


House Numbers

Details coming soon.



Subdivision Procedures


A structure already exists on owner's lot that would consist of 2 or more acres. Two structures cannot remain on one deeded lot and must be subdivided to create two separate and distinct parcel numbers.

Refer to Chapter 22 requirements of the subdivision ordinance that are provided with the Subdivision Packet by the Township.

Subdivision requires a certified survey, paid for by the applicant.

Mylar and copies will be presented to the following for approval and signatures:

  • Washington County Planning Commission
  • Smith Township Planning Commission
  • Smith Township Supervisors




The application fee of $800.00 is to be paid by the applicant upon approval of the subdivision by the Smith Township Planning Commission. The fee is based on a one-family dwelling. Fees may be adjusted when there are more lots or multi-family dwellings involved.

After approval by the Smith Township Supervisors, check to see if a sewerage tap is required, and, if so, pay the tap fee. Then proceed to the Building Inspector for a building permit.

Double-wide (new modular home) procedures may vary regarding electrical and plumbing inspections. These are factory pre-certified. Foundation and final inspections apply. Please make sure you check with the zoning officer




New Construction / Renovation


Sewerage disposal system is determined by Smith Township:

If the parcel location is within the Burgettstown-Smith Township Joint Sewerage Authority service area, you must first pay a tap-in fee of $3,150 (or the currently-advertised fee) and present the receipt of payment to the zoning officer when applying for a building permit.

If the parcel location is outside the Burgettstown-Smith Township Joint Sewerage Authority service area, you need to schedule a PERC/dye test with the Washington County Sewerage Council. Receipt and result of PERC/dye test must be presented when applying for a building permit

Code enforcement office: plot plan for zoning and certificate of insurance for contractors.



Apply for building permit.

Establish a new address at the time of building permit issue with the 911 addressing coordinator.

Set up electrical and plumbing inspections with Municipal Consulting. Must have a valid approved building permit prior to inspections. Building inspector reviews all plans prior to building permit approval regarding new construction and renovations.

Building inspector inspects footers and provides occupancy permit after all inspections are completed and all fees are paid. Building inspections consist of framing, foundations, and final inspection.