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Office Hours: Monday thru Friday, 8 AM to 4 PM.



Phone: (724) 947-9456
Fax: (724) 947-2715


Secretary Treasurer:
Michele Kriznik,
e-mail: secretary@smithtownship.org


Permitting Administrator:

Debbie Krenzelak,
e-mail: planning@smithtownship.org



General Inquiries -

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Zoning Officer/Code Enforcement:

William Tohey, tel: (724) 947-9456 ext 6 (as needed)


Animal Control:

Dane Culley, tel: (724) 947-9788 or 724-787-9250

911 Addressing Information: call (724) 947-9456 ext 2


Washington County Sanitation Council:

Crystal Brown Chairman tel: (724) 223-0504



Smith Township Municipal Complex

Building Inspector:

Municipal Consulting Service, LLC -

Harold Ivery (724) 263-0377

Peter Grieb: (724) 470-8254


Electrical Inspector:

Emery Yuhas, tel: (724) 470-5848 by appointment only!

NOTE: No other electric inspection shall be accepted or recognized by Smith Township.

L-R: Debbie Krenzelak, Michele Kriznik, Amy Yadrick and Police Chief Winford LaRue