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The information on this site is for the benefit of all persons living in or interested in locating to Smith Township. The township is located in the northwestern corner of Washington County Pennsylvania, about 30 miles west of downtown Pittsburgh. It was founded in 1781 as one of the original 13 townships created with the birth of Washington County and named to honor Rev. Joseph Smith.


There are just under 5,000 people living in the most rural residential area that covers about 34.4 square miles. The population has remained relatively stable, with small losses between the 2000 and 2010 census. Zoning is in effect. Public water and sewerage is available in the more densely populated areas. Public water is provided by Pennsylvania American Water. Public Sewerage is provided by Burgettstown Smith Township Joint Sewerage Authority. The plant is located at 7 Columbia Drive in Joffre which is in Smith Township. State Route 18 is a two lane highway that runs through Smith Township; starting at the Mount Pleasant and Smith Township line traveling north to the Burgettstown Borough line is approximately 4.8 tenths of a mile. Approximately 1.4 tenths of a mile through Burgettstown Borough you are back in Smith Township and then approximately 2.5 tenths of a mile you are in Hanover Township. All of Route 18 that is in Smith Township is named Smith Township State Road.


Smith Township is made up these small villages:
Atlasburg, Slovan, Langeloth, Erie Mine, Francis Mine, Harmon Creek, Joffre (Raccoon), Bulger, and Cherry Valley. Other known areas: Bavington Area, Hamilton Plan, Portions of Florence Avenue, Bell Avenue and Walnut Street.


The Burgettstown Area School District is made up of the following municipalities: Burgettstown Borough, Hanover Township, Jefferson Township & Smith Township

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