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Tax Structure

This page presents various information that might be useful to new and existing Smith Township residents. Any tax rates, fees, or schedules are presented for reference only - you should always check with the appropriate authority for the most current information. Mention or omission of vendors or services does not constitute any sort of endorsement, opinion, or rating by Smith Township or any of its employees. This information is presented as a general reference only.

2023 Tax Structure

Real Estate (Smith Twp) 1.1508 mills
Real Estate (County) 2.36 mills
Real Estate Transfer (County) 0.5% to Smith Twp, 0.5% to County
Wage 0.5% to Smith Twp, 0.5% to Burgettstown School District
Burgettstown School District 13.33 mills
Per Capita Tax (Smith) $5/person annually
Hydrant Tax 0.1233 mills
Fire Tax 0.1644 mills
Per Capita School $10.00/person annually
Local Service Tax $52.00/person annually
Road Equipment Tax 0.1644 mills